“Sheik Suellim has seven sons” Maher says proudly. “Seven Sons, and not one daughter?” I wonder. “Seven sons,” Maher replies, “and further more six daugthers.”

Florian Thalhofer from Berlin and Mahmoud Hamdy from Cairo met the Bedouins in the Sinai, close to the territories occupied by Israel.

Berlin meets Cairo meets the Beguines - inclusive a sharia-court-case. [7sons] was made in summer 2003 with the support of the Goethe-Institute, Cairo.

[7sons] is a multiple screen video-installation

[7sons] was originally designed as an interactive video-installation for two screens. It was shown the first time in Cairo in October, 2003.

[7sons] is an web documentary

You can also see [7sons] on the internet. If you have a fast internet-connection go to www.7sons.com to see this streaming video project.


A short documentation:
is here.

A very nice 5:30 min radio-feature on [7sons] by Justus Hermann. Broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk on July 5, 2004 (in German language).
is here.

Database Cinema

[7sons] was made with the [korsakow-system]. An easy to use software that was invented by Florian Thalhofer in 2000 and has been developed since then.


This Project would not be, what it is, without the music of:

Dictaphone | Ming | SchneiderTM | Neoangin | Adult | Johnny Cash | Tigrics | Zweiraumwohnung | Laub | Arovane | Isan | Apex Twin | ISO68 | Beck

Sophie Zeitz, Sarah Raga'ei, Liza Stewart, ...

Many thanks to Enzio Wetzel and the Goethe-Institut, Cairo.

Technical requirements

For the installation:
2 Apple Macintosh
2 video-beams

For the web-version:
Shockwave, Quicktime, fast internet-connection

For the CD-ROM version:
PC or Mac, Quicktime

[7sons] exhibition

The installation was shown to the public the first time from Oct. 8 to Oct. 30, 2003, at the Goethe-Institute, 5 Sh Bustan, Cairo and since then at many places all over the world...